About Us

Bulls-i Consulting has long engaged in offering Infrastructure Advisory & Consultancy, which are tuned to serve companies through their entire lifecycle of growth. Bulls-i Consulting offers a range of innovative infrastructure solutions to help build a better tomorrow. As a holistic institution, we offer the full gamut of services encompassing Infrastructure Advisory & Consultancy. We are maintaining a preference of transaction for those industries & sectors where we already have an operating expertise, i.e. successful execution of transaction. Whether a company is already a domestic market leader or starting to consider expansion beyond current region or striving to go global, we accelerate the growth plans of companies by providing them with valuable assistance.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to roll up our sleeves to identify and evaluate with management the most important business opportunities and challenges facing each company. We are innovative and trends setter organization by offering our shared management practices. As an Bulls-i Consulting, we believe that a good company begins with good management. And so, we offer a high degree of advisory services consisting of frequent interaction and monitoring, and where necessary, stepping in to help companies.

Our Mission

To provide Credible, Professional and Customer Focused world-class investment banking & advisory services.

Our Vision

To be the best India based Consulting & Advisory Company.

Our Corporate Values

Our values have been communicated and implemented in many ways over the years – by the services we offer, by the advisory we provide, and by the way we interact with clients. It is the same values that will ensure our continued success going forward. The values we are implementing are Integrity, Customer Focus, Achievement, Learning, Accountability.